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Artist Spotlights Feature for 1 year 

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Venom Magazine Spotlights exceptional talent from around the World and welcomes Artists that push the boundaries of creativity.

Like us, these Artists know no limits, are true to themselves, and let their exhilarating minds be seen or heard through their craft. They are not afraid to be Unique and are Unapologetically True to Themselves.

Our belief at Venom Magazine is:


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Teej Leit

Resilience Manifested in Human Form

Lead Singer: XERO HOUR

With a voice that mirrors Godsmack's Sully Erna, mixed with traces of Metallica's James Hetfield, it's no surprise that this talented Artist found himself as front man of the band Xero Hour. By combining his lyrical skills and song writing with masterful guitar riffs Teej has successfully made Xero Hour one of Venom Magazine's "Deserves to be Heard" Artists. But it is not just his voice and raw talent that draws Venom to his story, it is the level of resilience in this Artist that makes him unique and worth knowing his (and his band's) name. 

The former Marine inside this man is what gives him the drive and resilience to never quit. It's what pushes his inner strength to not only write music, but to also advocate and share information surrounding Veterans and the need to assist these Soldiers when they are finished serving their country. He also sheds a much needed light on maintaining a strong mental health and lifestyle as his song "Breaking Away" promotes leaving unhealthy and toxic environments to finally focus on what is good and right for your health and well-being. 

The resilience in this Artist is what makes him deserving of Venom Magazine's "Artist Spotlight". It is also what has allowed this band to start breaking away from a local scene to a more National scene. We will be eagerly awaiting to see what 2024 brings for Xero Hour and for its resilient leader Teej Leit. 

To listen to Xero Hour's "Breaking Away" click the below link to Venom Magazine's "Deserves to be Heard" playlist on Spotify. 

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