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Social Post with POSSIBLE Print publication in Issue

Social Posts will be available for 30 days


Decision Date: Within 48 hours after submission

Publish Date: Within 60 days after acceptance of submission

Exclusivity: NOT Required for Social, REQUIRED for Print Publication

*Please indicate whether photo has been published in print publication before

*IF photo HAS been published in Print publication will ONLY have Social Post Availability (MUST be Exclusive and unpublished for print publication)


Image Requirements:

*2-10 images

*JPG, PNG, or TIF format

*Flexible color profiles (but sRGB Color profiles preferred)

*Photographs MUST already be Retouched and Edited

*Nudity is NOT accepted

Allowed Sizes:

*Social: Flexible

*If submitting for POSSIBLE Print Publication: MUST be Minimum height of 2000 px, Minimum width 2000 px (for Portraits / Covers Image MUST ALREADY be sized at 2250 x 3300 px, Landscape images MUST be sized at 5100 x 3300 px)



*If you are a Model please reach out to the Photographer of the Photoshoot as the Copyright owner MUST be the Submitter to the Publication, Or have the Photographer sign a release form – Link below:


As the Copyright owner, you are agreeing to the attached link form agreement: Link Below:


All models and team members are of legal age, 18 years or older.

By submitting your work, you guarantee that all models and team members are of legal age, 18 years or older. Submissions including minors will be regrettably rejected.


Team Credits

*Name(s) and Instagram Handle(s)

*Clothing Credits of all clothing in photographs


Credit Corrections Fee: $50

*Make sure when you upload the credits that they are correct and that Instagrams are added to all team members where applicable. If you need any corrections there will be a $50 fee charged to make them.


Title for Submission - If no title is provided the Publication will provide one that fits the Magazine / Submission style.


Visit our Instagram profiles for examples of the work we publish.


Image selection and layout is determined by us. We might not use all images provided.

Please follow the guidelines on this page when submitting. Upon reviewing submissions, Darx Arts Studioz LTD and its magazine publications reserves the rights to accept or deny any submission we receive. Submissions are reviewed based on their content, quality and relevance. Darx Arts Studioz LTD and its magazines look to publish the highest quality work.

All submissions are welcome, and we reserve the right to assign accepted submissions to different categories within the magazine based on publication needs or space availability.


By submitting materials you agree to Darx Arts Studioz LTD following terms and conditions:

-The photographer and submitter of this submission owns all the rights to these photographs, including copyright, necessary to submit these photographs to the Magazine and Publication company Darx Arts Studioz LTD and I understand that I am granting the Magazine produced by Darx Arts Studioz LTD the rights to use it in the following ways:

-To publish in print, online and/or in digital format

-To publish on social media (Instagram / Facebook) as well as on Venom Magazine, Labyrinth Magazine, and Darx Arts Studioz LTD website, which shall include the Photographer’s name

-I grant this authorization free of charge and that Darx Arts Studioz LTD or its magazine publications does not provide free print copies to the collaborators published in the printed issues. Darx Arts Studioz LTD as well as Venom Magazine and Labyrinth Magazine, however, does provide the teams who were published with a free digital tear sheet of their publication portion when asked.

-Any participants (including models / artists) and have posed in the photo have assigned all relevant rights to the photographer.

-As a contributor, all the images you submit for any feature must be by the authentic copyright holder. If which ever submission(s) get involved with any copyright entanglement because of the above, your eligibility will automatically be revoked. You will be responsible for all the legal consequences under all circumstances regardless of Darx Arts Studioz LTD and its Publications awareness or not.

-In order to achieve a better layout design, Darx Arts Studioz LTD and its Publications has the right to use, enlarge, reduce and/or crop the original photograph.

-I understand that submission does not mean acceptance; and that all submissions are subjected to review

-I understand that all sales are final and non-refundable

-Once submitting, you accept all the agreements above


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via direct message or email. We eagerly anticipate reviewing your submissions and potentially featuring your exceptional work in our esteemed publications.

PRIORITY DECISION- Response in Less than 48 Hours-Social Post on Instagram

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