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Venom Magazine
TOUR 2024

Venom Magazine is hitting the Road and taking 3 Bands along with us:

Fender Staxx (Green Jelly) & the Super Villains, XERO HOUR, & Sick Serenity

6 Dates: 6 States

We want YOU to Join us on this Crazy Ride! 

Every show, we will be taking Photographs of the CROWD to Publish in our July 2024 issue! 

Of course, we will also capturing AMAZING shots of the Bands as well as Behind-the-Scenes Footage,

But it's YOU, the FANS, that are the BEST part of Every Concert for us!

Be Authentic, Be Unique, and ALWAYS



We are looking for our VENOM VIXENS and VENOM VINYLS

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Tickets and Venue Information Below:

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Partnering with these AMAZING Venues Below:
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